Kolding Design School 2016

Doing a course on my 3th semester we were asked to imagine if Sputnik never happened and people still weren't aware of the dangers nuclear power has. How would the world look like?

I decided to make a propose on how the Danish standard 70's house would look. With the re-design of the standard house I also made 8 variations of wallpaper to style the home with, all inspired by the style from the 70's. 

This project is imaginary, and contains a critically view upon nuclear power.


Kolding Design School /
Hammel Neurocenter 2015

In cooperation with the childrens department at Hammel Neurocenter (neurological rehabilitation hospital), a classmade and I were to create and construckt a 3D brain for the new childrens ward.


The idea is that the hospitals staff can teach and talk with the children about their disabilities and why some things are particularly difficult for them. Besides that the brain is also a piece of art and a sculpture which can be enjoyed by patients, family and staff.

Each part of the brain is represented as an illustration. The illustration tells an a creative language what the specific part controls and does. This makes it possibile for the staf to put an image on the patiens issues. That can be helpful for the kids easilier to understand what is going on.


More over is the sculptured part of the brain varnished so its easy to keep clean and the patients can obtain the tactual impression when touching it.

Due to the privacy of the patients there are no pictures where they appaer.